Gbiosciences/Immunotag™ Mouse Srxn1 (Sulfiredoxin-1) ELISA/1 x 96-well plate/IT5458
Catalog Specification
Catalog No.IT5458
Size1 x 96-well plate
Protein No.Q9D975
AliasSrxn1, Npn3, Srx, Sulfiredoxin-1, Neoplastic progression protein 3
Detection MethodSandwich ELISA, Double Antibody
Quality AssuranceDue to their limited shelf life, the ImmunoTag™ ELISA kits are not typically stocked as finished goods. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Upon receipt of an order each kit is assembled and tested to ensure that it meets specifications before shipping. Minor changes may occur to the Range, Sensitivity, and Precision. In the event of a significant change the order would be confirmed with the customer before shipping.